NR- Video Editor

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Manage day to day Program  editors and Editing machines to ensure smooth running and solve any occurring problems

Schedule crew availability and assign them to perform required tasks

Ensure that Program  editors operate within a clearly defined standards and policies that allows them to schedule operate within their assigned shifts and machines with efficient capacity utilization

Coordinate with other divisions to ensure smooth and proper editing operations.

Provide Technical advices to the staff

Provide recommendation about the cutting and technical editing alternatives

Coordinate with Technical Front desk about editing machine maintenance

Develop training plans to increase and improve crew working performance

Continuously update and implement procedures to improve productivity

Manage day to day Editing Operations.

Experience in non linear  Editing technologies and tools

Editing experience with knowledge of title tool, multi-layered effects, and media management

Employee evaluation

Crisis management

Resource allocation


Decision Making

Problem Solving

Conflict Resolution

Time management

Media management

Non linear Editing Machine

Multi-layered effects Technology

Quality Control and Assurance for media supportive services

Communication Skills

Negotiation Skills

Resources & Equipment Utilization

planning and scheduling

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