Executive Producer

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Participate in production project implementations for programs with activities such as script writing, filtering script, story boarding, developing production schedule, staffing key personal, selecting locations and setups, selecting talents, schedule rehearsals, supervise shooting, and provide review on produced content

Develop and deliver budgets and plans for the assigned programs’ episodes in comparison with approved program overall budget and get approval from Production and/or Channel Production directors

Deliver the assigned production hrs. with high quality and within the approved episode budget and deadlines

Develop and implement production schedule with details related to studios, editing sets, etc.) and according to the annual facilities capacity plans

Quality control the content of the assigned production projects and monitor the programs material in terms of boldness and appropriateness to the channel audience and sponsors 

To handle all links, studio interviews and demonstrations creating a professional image and partnership with the production team

To liaise with freelancers (if any) on all content and with studio director on live or pre-recorded presentation of programs

To supervise all post production and editing of the assigned projects

To coordinate with editors and ensure that they follow Channel’s Production policies and guidelines   

Experience in Media and TV production ( programs (in house and formats)) 

Experience in Production best practices

Experience in one or more of the different categories of production content     

Experience in understanding and developing production strategies in reference to the Channel's targeted audience behaviors, characteristics & trends, and competition 

Experience in ideas, scripts & all content assessment

Project Management

HR Management


Team Leading and Building

Time Management

Decision Making

Problem Solving

Conflict Resolution

Leadership development

Production applications and software

Production editing technologies

Production Management

Script writing & filtering skills

Story boarding skills

Production scheduling skills 

Locations selection and setups

Quality Control and Assurance for creative work

Presentation Skills

Communication Skills

Negotiation Skills

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