Social Media Digital Operations

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To deliver net profit targets in each of S.M. Accounts

To meet key milestones agreed in S.M. strategy on time and within budget

To manage costs within budget

To minimize the capital employed in the S.M. business (assets, receivables, inventory etc.)

To increase traffic and market share of all S.M. Accounts

To increase the number of messages volume

To lead media organization in the region in utilizing new interactivity models (5G) to secure an attractive market share

To increase the overall value of " Mobile TV" and secure a leading position and market share

To achieve Digital TV sales targets for the specific set of accounts and/or territory

To improve and maintain efficient workflow between Operation’s units

To assure that all activities within operations are in accordance with Channel’s policies

To manage human resources within unit according to the Channel’s policy.

Experience in developing and improving web and interactivity services

Experience on interactivity and web technologies

Experience on editorial and content assessment

Experience on budget management

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