Finance Manager

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Support management strategies and Initiatives with all needed financial analysis and reports

Regulate, supervise and implement a timely, full and accurate set of accounting books of the channel reflecting all its activities in a manner commensurate with the relevant legislation and regulation and subject to internal guidelines.

Implement continuous financial audit and control systems to monitor the performance of the Channel, its flow of funds, the adherence to the budget, the expenditures, the expenses, the income and other budgetary items.

Prepare and present to top management all needed financial statements and reports.

Provide financial information to Departments and Business Units of the Channel for good decision making with financial reporting, planning framework, budgeting and analysis to support the Channel’s corporate and business objectives.

To comply with all reporting, accounting and audit requirements imposed by regulatory bodies

Manage the annual budget process and assist Directors with formulation of budgets. Present annual proposed budgets to top management. Prepare monthly “actual vs. budget” reports and analyze. Report significant variances to GM, DGM, and Directors.

Maintain adequate reserve fund, manage cash flow, ensure bank reconciliations are timely and optimize investment earnings of corporate cash reserves.

Ensure the development, recruitment, and retention of finance staff able to contribute corporate and department’ objectives and to perform all finance activities with proficiency and professionalism

Provide effective, ethical leadership, including analytical, strategic planning and financial expertise, to the Leadership Team and the Finance Team.

Ensure proper implementation of financial solutions (i.e. ERP solutions and upgrading) to ensure efficient processing and recording of financial transactions and comprehensive financial reporting and analysis

Experience in Finance management

Experience in Accounting

Experience in MIS

Experience in risk management

Experience in financial forecasting

Experience in capital markets

Experience in computerized accounting systems.


Budget Development and Control

Financial Auditing

Risk Analysis and assessment

Presentation Skills

Critical Thinking 

Communication Skills

Negotiation Skills

Vendor Evaluation and Selection

Tendering Process

Spreadsheets, databases, and financial applications and systems


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