Accounting Manager

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Supervise and implement on daily operations full and accurate set of accounting books of the Channel reflecting all its activities in a manner commensurate with the relevant legislation and regulation and also subject to internal guidelines.

Supervise the implementation of Payroll procedure by reviewing & approving all payroll additions, and by reviewing detailed payroll reports & banks transfer letters 

Review and approve reconciliation reports

Review and approve debt notes with their supporting documents

Review funding letters of transfer, its booking and transactions

Review and approve petty cash transactions and reconciliations ( both paid and reclaimed )

Review banks letter to block and break fixed amounts of deposits

Review and approve on a daily basis the final reconciliation sheets with banks 

Check & sign sales invoices against contracts, check invoices posting, follow up on payments, and review & approve aging reports  

Review revenues by checking the sales invoice excel sheet with all supporting documents

Check payments received compared to sales invoices

Maintain adequate reserve fund and manage cash flow

Maintain a working relationship and develop additional relationships with banks and financial institutions with the aim of securing the funds necessary for the operations of the channel, the attainment of its development plans and its investments.

Engage in all financial activities conducive to the financial health, the growth prospects and the fulfillment of investment plans of the channel.

Experience in Finance management

Experience in Accounting

Experience in computerized accounting systems.

Experience in financial forecasting

Experience in risk management

Experience in MIS

Budget Development and Control

Financial Auditing

Risk Analysis and assessment

Payroll Systems

Finance and Accounting systems and applications 

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