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Fulfill presentation duties which includes:

  • Presentation preparation (going through all stories/ reports, research the subject, guest lists, etc)
  • Discussion of bulletins outline with producers to be sure that they are within the scope and requirements  
  • Presentation with high quality ( bulletins)
  • Interviewing guests (pre & live) and discuss the interview issues
  • Coordinating live with international offices correspondents

To advice News Management about editorial issues, interviewing angles, news production team   

To provide advice to the other fellow presenters  

Coordinate with Marketing about the performance of assigned bulletins and utilize Audience Scorecards and results in improving the bulletins

Experience in Media and TV presentation ( programs , Bulletins)

Experience in Presentation

Experience in ideas, scripts & all content assessment

Experience in researching, writing and conducting interviews

Experience in performing in front of cameras

Experience in issues and subjects of interest to the audience, and good general knowledge of current affairs

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