Current Affairs Senior Editor

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Being a member, together with the Director of News, Duty Editor and Head of International Operations of an Editorial Management Committee meeting weekly to review practices, strategy and issues arising.

Helping set up and lead a current affairs team.

Developing new ideas for current affairs programming.

Launching and overseeing production of said programming.

Seeking out and exploiting opportunities for news-reactive documentaries.

Establishing and maintaining close “cross fertilization” ties with the news team and its head.

With proven leadership skills, managing the department.

The Current Affairs Editor – in liaison with the Head of Current Affairs and Head of International Operations– will have access to overseas bureaus in the pursuance of job.

Experience in broadcast journalism.

Sound knowledge and background in news 

Excellent analytical thinking.

Can interpret and evaluate info from a range of sources and in a variety of formats.

Make most efficient use of resources.

Possesses strong communication skills.

Ability to work under pressure.

Ability to think ahead.

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