Senior MCR Engineer

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Develop and deliver MCR annual budget and operating plans. Deliver results vs. targets

Provide outbound transmission services and inbound transmission services and support intake of remote transmissions

Lead MCR staff responsible for receiving and recording live feeds of programs, interviews, tapes, etc

Receive requests of dubbing and assign responsibility according to availability of MCR resources

Develop procedures that QC record content and ensure their implementation by MCR staff.

Coordinate with other deps in relation to satellite distribution of the channel or to new geographic or using a different satellites by developing the technical strategy, budgeting, and delivery of signals as per requirements 

Monitor 'on air' broadcast and receive alarms of infection if any. Lead the implementation of troubleshooting procedure

Deliver a continually improving transmission service quality and capacity/utilization

Deliver department operational targets as per SLA management targets.

Experience in Media transmission & MCR systems and technologies

Experience in Satellites

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