Work for Asharq ... Work for the future!

Bloomberg Asharq will occupy state-of-the-art facilities in the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) with additional bureaus across key centers in the region and the world, including the Levant, North Africa and GCC.
Bloomberg Asharq is managed by SRMG Subsidiary Company, registered in DIFC, under “Asharq News Services Limited”.
Asharq News Services Ltd is an equal opportunity employer.
We are inviting qualified candidates to apply to work with us.

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Work for Asharq ... Work for the future!

Facility Manager

Look after all of the services that helps a business & organization do its work.

International Admin Support

International Admin Support - News Gathering - General News

Lead Developer

Lead Developer - Creative Department

Program Editor

To improve News bulletins ratings & produce a targeted number of News bulletins hours in agreed timeframe and budget