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Asharq News is an independent media organization owned by Asharq News Services Limited, a Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) registered company and a subsidiary of (SRMG).

Asharq state-of-the-art headquarters and facilities are located in the DIFC, with additional bureaus across key centers in the region and the world, including the Levant, North Africa and the GCC region.

At Asharq News, we look for talented candidates to join our elite array of professional and highly skilled teams.

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Work for Asharq ... Work for the future!

Correspondent - Business News

Break news and seek interviews as well as delivery of stories

Media Monitor - Business News

Perform research activities to discover new content opportunities

Writer Reporter - Business News

Develop articles & featured stories in compliance with Group’s editorial policy and guidelines

Social Media Producer - Business News

Develop and Implement Social Media strategy across business news channel along with editorial team.