Production Assistant

Job OverView

Job Objectives:


  • To maintain high degree of coordination with transmission and production
  • To ensure  schedules are done within the accepted time
  • To ensure that all activities within the Division are in accordance with Group Policies
  • To manage human resources according to group policies (HR Scorecard results ‘On target’)

Main Responsibilities:

  • Supervise the daily activities of News Room Assistants which include:
  • Receive schedules requests for programs
  • Review schedule list
  • Coordinate with a transmission on the timing of schedules
  • Communicate the schedule throughout the production staff
  • Double-check on-air off-air programs
  • Count down to off-air with a transmission
  • Follow stories in gallery using Avid System
  • Inform the producer about time status “on time, behind time, exceed time”
  • Cut life broadcasting and go offline
  • Manage day to day News Room Production services, ensure smooth running and solve any occurring problems
  • Schedule News Room Assistants availability in shifts and assign them to perform required tasks
  • Ensure that News Room Assistants operate within clearly defined standards and policies that allow them to operate with efficient capacity utilization
  • Develop training plans to increase and improve crew working performance
  • Continuously update and implement procedures to improve productivity
  • Provide technical advice to the staff
  • Manage staff attendance, holidays and sickness
  • Examine overtime & TOIL claims and liaise with HR on an individual basis
  • Participate in the department recruiting process and assess nominated applicants
  • Conduct periodic staff performance assessment and evaluation

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