Audio Engineer

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Job Objective:  


  • To assemble, operate and maintain technical equipment to amplify, enhance, record, mix or reproduce sound for broadcast
  • To maintain a high quality of sound/audio during recording & broadcast all the time.
  • To minimize audio risk
  • To ensure a sharp decline of Sound Problems
  • To ensure studio sound equipment are fully functional and available before the bulletin

Main Responsibilities:


  • Advise Production staff on studio sound matters.
  • Install, prepare and operate all studio sound equipment before the bulletin
  • Coordinate with production staff to ensure sound communication in the studio
  • Operate Asharq sound kit
  • Record best quality sounds in synchronization with the camera, to enable the highest quality 'real' sound to be recorded at the time of recording
  • Position microphone correctly
  • Monitor the quality of the sound recording through headphones
  • Responsible for setting up talkback communication between production staff, presenters and correspondents and other communication systems such as 'live' links by landline, microwave link or satellite
  • Record sound effects and atmosphere tracks.
  • Create original sound effects to work with visual images
  • Ensure the studio sound equipment is fully functional and available when required
  • Set up links by satellite and landline
  • Mix sound sources for immediate transmission
  • Ensure that any cables are kept clear of moving equipment,
  • Edit dialogue and music if required
  • Ensure all health and safety procedures are followed
  • Fill in accurate and clear sound daily report sheets
  • Store materials
  • Report technical faults if any
  • Undertake basic technical maintenance tasks as required
  • Monitor outputs, adjust levels and quality, for example by the equalization (adding and subtracting various frequencies), cue effects or music, and troubleshoot where necessary
  • Use specialist sound recording computer software and equipment for recording and mixing sources
  • Handle all sound issue in the studio (handling Music, presenter voice, phones, quest voice,  etc)

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