Interview Producer

Job OverView

Arrange interviews for bulletins as assigned from the daily editorial meeting by:

  • Selecting the most appropriate candidate from the Guest List
  • Calling the guest and ensure approval and availability
  • Discussing the story angles with the guest   
  • Arranging for the booking with SAT Desk ( in case of phone interview)
  • Ensuring the guest appear on time ( if interview on site)
  • Coordinate with MCR about the interview live timing
  • Upload all interview details on the related system
  • Providing the presenter with brief about the guest and the angles to be discussed

Arrange interviews for breaking news through special and short term assignment from Program editor

Review and update Guest list periodically in coordination with News Director

Fill all need forms to ensure guest payments  

Experience in Media and TV & News production

Experience in Production best practices

Fluent in Both Arabic and English

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